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RemotePresenterView has tons of features to help your presentation go smoothly.

Connection modes for every network environment:

First and foremost, RemotePresenterView supports several connection modes so that you can use it in almost any network environment, even most locked-down corporate and university networks.

  • Standard connection: (best if you own the computer that you use to give your presentations)

    • Your tablet initiates the connection to the computer running PowerPoint

    • Requires firewall configuration on the computer running PowerPoint

  • Reverse connection: (best for public, shared, corporate, or university computers)

    • The computer running PowerPoint initiates the connection to your tablet

    • No firewall configuration or administrator permissions required!

  • Direct WiFi mode: (best if there is no wireless router to connect to)

    • With compatible Windows 7 and newer computers, RemotePresenterView can make a virtual WiFi hotspot so you can directly connect your tablet.

Multi-tablet support:

In Standard and Direct WiFi mode, you can connect more than one tablet running RemotePresenterView. This is great for collaborative presentations, or times when you may want someone behind the scenes to share control of the slideshow.

Remote control features: 

RemotePresenter Screenshot

  • See the current slide

    • Slide animations and most embedded movies are displayed on your tablet (framerate is reduced) 

    • Clicking on slide actually clicks in PowerPoint, so you can control interactive content 

  • See slide thumbnails 

    • Slide thumbnails appear instantly as they are generated, no waiting to pre-load the entire show! 

    • Slide Sorter view gives full screen view of all slides in your presentation 

    • Hidden slide indicator tells you if a slide is hidden 

  • See your presenter notes 

    • Presenter notes you entered in PowerPoint are displayed on your tablet 

    • URL's in the notes are automatically converted to hyperlinks 

    • Pinch-zoom to change notes size on the fly 

  • Control the show 

    • Go to Next/Previous slide 

    • Jump to a different slide by clicking its thumbnail 

    • Toggle black screen/white screen 

    • End the show remotely 

  • Switch shows on the fly 

    • View all presentations currently open PowerPoint and switch from one slideshow to another 

  • Make annotations 

    • Draw pen annotations on the slide for your audience to see 

    • Clear annotations when you are done with them 

    • Save or discard annotations at the end of the show 

  • Laser pointer (for PowerPoint 2010 and newer) 

    • Touch the slide on your tablet to show a virtual laser pointer on the screen 

Display features: 

  • Supports all Windows 8 display modes: Full screen landscape, full screen portrait, filled, and snapped! 

  • Control your slideshow in snapped view while looking at another app in filled view! 

  • Switch to portrait mode for a larger slide image! 

Error recovery features: 

  • Automatically reconnects if your tablet goes to sleep during your presentation.* 

    • *Typically reconnects within 2-3 seconds of waking the tablet up. May take 10-15 seconds in Reverse Connection mode.

  • Detects dropped WiFi connection and asks you if you want to reconnect. 

  • Prompts you if PowerPoint is displaying an error message on the computer that is running the show


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