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RemotePresenterView is designed to be as frustration free as possible, but if you have any trouble with it, here are some solutions that might help.

I tried to launch RemotePresenterView Server from this website without installing it. I get a message saying that RemotePresenterView Server could not be started.
RemotePresenterView Server can be launched directly from this website without installing only if it was not previously installed on your computer. If you previously installed it, you should launch it from your Start Menu instead of through this website. Alternatively, you can uninstall it (from "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" on the Windows Control Panel), then launch it directly from this website.

I get a message saying PowerPoint was not detected when loading RemotePresenterView Server.

Make sure that you have PowerPoint 2007 or newer installed on the computer. In rare cases, if PowerPoint was installed using the Custom Installation mode, it's possible that the PowerPoint .NET Interoperability Libraries might not have been installed. The only fix in that case is to reinstall PowerPoint (or Microsoft Office) selecting either a Typical Installation, or ensuring that this component is selected in the Custom Installation. Another possibility is that you are running PowerPoint with administrator privileges. In that case, you should quit PowerPoint and run it without administrator privileges, OR run RemotePresenterView Server with administrator privileges as well.

I get a message saying a component of RemotePresenterView Server is missing.

When you download RemotePresenterView Server from this website, it comes in a ZIP file. To work properly, you need to extract the ZIP file into a folder. Windows has built-in support for extracting ZIP files, and even prompts you to do it when running RemotePresenterView. You can also just copy/paste all the files from the ZIP file into another folder to accomplish the task of extracting.

I can't connect in Standard Connection mode.

To connect in Standard Connection mode, the firewall on the computer running PowerPoint must be configured to allow incoming connections on port 24442. RemotePresenterView Server can automatically configure the Windows Firewall to allow these connections, but you may need to configure third party firewalls manually. You also need to make sure that the two computers are connected to the same network, or two networks that can talk to each other. For example, if your tablet connect's to your university's WiFi and you are trying to control a computer that is plugged into a privately owned router, you may not be able to use Standard Connection mode.

I can't connect in Reverse Connection mode.

If you can't connect in Reverse Connection mode, your tablet and the computer you're connecting to may not be connected to the same network, or the network may be configured to block traffic between these network subnets. For example, some corporate/university networks may not allow wireless computers to talk to hardwired computers. In these cases, there's unfortunately not much you can do.

I can't connect in Direct WiFi mode.

Direct WiFi mode requires a compatible wireless card in the computer running PowerPoint. While many wireless cards are compatible, some that were not specifically designed for Windows 7 or 8 may fail or give a flaky connection in Direct WiFi mode. For maximum reliability, you should check your computer manufacturer's website to see if there are driver updates available for your wireless card.

If your tablet can see the Direct WiFi network but not connect, it's possible that it may be connecting with an incorrect password saved from the last time you used Direct WiFi mode. RemotePresenterView Server tries to help you avoid this problem, but if you've somehome fallen into this trap nonetheless, you can tap and hold (or right click) on the Direct WiFi network on your tablet and select Forget Network to clear previously saved settings. Alternatively, you can just change the network name in RemotePresenterView Server and try again.

Slides and animations are slow to load, or are out of sync with the actual slideshow.

The number one reason for this type of problem is a weak or flaky WiFi signal. There's not a whole lot you can do other than trying to improve WiFi reception where you're giving the slideshow. If you're not able to do that because you don't have access to move the WiFi router or antenna, you can try to establish your own local WiFi hotspot using Direct WiFi mode.

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