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Frequently Asked Questions

Will RemotePresenterView work on my tablet?

RemotePresenterView works on any Windows 8 or RT tablet, including the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro.

Do I need to have a Windows 8 tablet to use RemotePresenterView?

RemotePresenterView's client app will work on any Windows 8 device, whether it's a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Also, the computer that's actually running PowerPoint only needs Windows XP or newer.

Can I use RemotePresenterView with PowerPoint 2003 or older?

RemotePresenterView requires PowerPoint 2007 or newer. The PowerPoint 2003 (or older) Interop Library is missing features that RemotePresenterView requires to operate. If you try to run RemotePresenterView Server on a computer with PowerPoint 2003 or older, it will display an error message and quit.

Will RemotePresenterView Server work on the public/shared/corporate/university computer that I use to give my slideshows?

In most cases, yes. RemotePresenterView Server does not need to be installed (you can run it directly from a USB flash drive), so you don't need administrator privileges to use it on most networks. RemotePresenterView's Reverse Connection mode also doesn't require any firewall configuration on the computer that's running PowerPoint, making it even more compatible with locked-down computers and networks.

My company/university blocks the WiFi network from communicating with the hardwired network, or my company uses wireless client isolation on the WiFi network. Can I still use RemotePresenterView?

Unfortunately, you do need to be able to connect both computers to the same network, or at least to two networks that can talk to each other. Alternatively, if you have administrator privileges on the computer  you use to run PowerPoint, you can try using RemotePresenterView in Direct WiFi mode to create a private virtual WiFi hotspot, bypassing your corporate/university network.

Can RemotePresenterView work over Bluetooth?

Currently, Windows Store apps are prohibited from using Bluetooth SPP, which is required to implement this type of Bluetooth functionality. We'll see if Microsoft makes this feature available in Windows 8.1. As an alternative to Bluetooth, RemotePresenterView supports Direct WiFi mode.

Does RemotePresenterView support password protection?

Yes. You can require a password to control your slideshow. This way, no one in the audience can hijack your slideshow without your permission.

Does RemotePresenterView encrypt my slideshow data while transmitting it over the network?

Currently, no, though we may add this feature in a future release. RemotePresenterView DOES encrypt your slideshow password while transmitting it, so someone eavesdropping on network traffic will not be able to take over your slideshow by intercepting the password.

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