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Version History

RemotePresenterView is being actively updated on a regular basis. If you find a bug, please let us know and we will try to fix it!

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RemotePresenterView client app for Windows 8:

  • Verison - Sept. 3, 2013
    Improved annotation pen (smoother and more responsive)
    Added instant visual feedback when advancing slides
    Next slide is now always visible in the slide list
    Replaced "Problem Communicating With PowerPoint" error messages with a less disruptive message
    Added ability to remotely dismiss some popups that might appear in PowerPoint
    Added help button in top app bar

  • Version - Aug. 9, 2013
    Fixed bug where the app could say "Connecting..." forever if the user typed an invalid IP address to connect to.

  • Version - July 4, 2013
    Initial Release

RemotePresenterView Server app:

  • Version - November 7, 2013
    Fixed a bug that caused some users to get a repeating message about a problem with graphics acceleration settings. Also fixed a bug that caused some users to fail the graphics acceleration settings check if their computers were set to less than "True Color" mode in the Windows display settings.

  • Version - Sept. 6, 2013
    Added support for IPv6/Teredo addresses in Reverse Connection mode. This allows you to connect in locations where your tablet is connected to a different network than the computer you are remotely controlling (for example, if your corporation/university has separate or isolated wired and wireless networks.) A future release of the client will automatically display the IPv6 address to type in the server app.

    Fixed a bug that caused the Laser Pointer to erroneously be displayed as available on PowerPoint 2007 if the decimal separator on the tablet was set to anything other than a period.

    Fixed a bug that caused the "Keep Annotations?" popup in PowerPoint to not be detected if the language used in PowerPoint was not English.

  • Version - Sept. 3, 2013
    Temporary fix for bug that would cause server crash when using annotation pen or laser pointer if the decimal separator used on the tablet was different than the decimal separator on the computer running PowerPoint. Now, period, comma, the Unicode decimal separator, and the Arabic decimal separator are supported. A future release will provide universal support for all decimal separators.

  • Version - Aug. 30, 2013
    - Smoother annotation pen
    - Application crashes now copy error message to clipboard for easier reporting
    - Better handling of PowerPoint interop errors ("Problem Communicating With PowerPoint" errors), such as when you "right-click" on the slideshow in PowerPoint
        - No more errors during first use of annotation pen
        - No more client freeze up if connection is established while "right-click" menu is showing
        - Current slide and slide list now remains visible when an interop error occurs
        - No more lock-out of black/white screen commands if you use them during an error
        - No more need to regenerate all thumbnails if an interop error occurs during thumbnail generation
        - No more false interop errors (some errors were previously detected as interop errors when they really weren't)

  • Version - Aug. 26, 2013
    Fixed bug that would cause a crash on start-up for some users. The crash was caused by a problem checking the Windows Firewall status. Affected users may still need to manually configure their firewall to allow incoming traffic on port 24442.

  • Version - July 17, 2013
    Fixed several bugs that could cause the server app to stop respodning to commands from the tablet.
    Fixed bug where annotation pen would not respond to color changes.
    Fixed bug where annotation pen cursor would stay visible even after clearing annotations or moving to another slide.

  • Version - July 11, 2013
    Fixed a bug that could cause server app to stop responding to commands from the tablet if the user right clicked on the PowerPoint slide, dismissed the warning message that appeared on the tablet, and attempted to start another slideshow from the tablet without first dismissing the right click context menu in PowerPoint.

  • Version - July 4, 2013
    Initial Release

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